COESSING 2020: Chemical Oceanography


Intro to Marine Chemistry

Instructor: Winn Johnson

Metals in the Ocean

Instructor: Julia Middleton

Intro to Ocean Acidification: Understanding How Fossil Fuels Contribute to Ocean Acidification

Instructor: Chris Sabine

Advanced Topics in Carbonate Chemistry: Introduction to CO2 Chemistry in Seawater (Parts 1 and 2)

Instructor: Andrew Dickson

Discussions (live sessions)

Connection details are on the Slack channel

[Videos to be uploaded after sessions take place]

Carbon Chemistry in the Ocean

A. Dickson, C. Sabine, A. Valauri-Orton

Monitoring Ocean Acidification

B. Hales & S. Chu

Studying Effects of Ocean Acidification on Species & Ecosystems

S. Dupont


Exploring marine chemistry with ODV

W. Johnson

Surface iodide distribution in the ocean

M. Cook