COESSING 2020: Physical Oceanography


Intro to ocean modeling

Instructor: J. Ansong

Part 1:

Part2 :

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


B. Arbic

Estuary Dynamics and Implications

D. Lucas

Intro to hydrography

S. Howden

Discussion (live session)

An African perspective on global warming

G. Philander
[Video to be uploaded after session takes place]


Hands-on fluid dynamics

Instructors: E. Shroyer & A. Cotel

IW Oil & water:

Density currents:

IW Short:

Density currents

Exploring Ocean Transport

Temperature, Salinity, and Ocean Density

Waves Beneath the Surface

Tidal analysis

Instructor: S. Howden

tides_lab_v2 (zip file 491 KB)

Nearshore waves

Instructor: M. Foster-Martinez

Nearshore_waves_lab (zip file 679 KB)