2019 School at RMU

This year’s school was held August 5-10 at Regional Maritime University (RMU) in Accra, Ghana. The size of the school was similar to the two previous years, with participants primarily from Ghana and Nigeria, as well as Benin, Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, and Cameroon. We had a field trip to the Tema Port on Tuesday morning, where all participants took a short boat ride and collected some data samples. Following the introduction of the project track in 2018, this year’s school continued to offer a project track for a select number of participants, with six pre-defined project groups and more mentoring time with instructors, in addition to the standard lectures and hands-on lab activities. The project participants presented their work on the last day of the school. This year we introduced a mini-conference, where we invited select participants and instructors to give a brief research talk on Friday afternoon, after which we allotted time for networking and office hours. The largest difference in this year’s school compared to previous years was that the entire school used open-source software – mostly Python (using Jupyter notebook), as well as Ocean Data View (ODV).





From left to right: Christian Buckingham, Jackie Wrage, Emily Shroyer, Dimitris Menemenlis, Joseph Ansong, Brian Arbic, Ebenezer Nyadjro, Madelyn Cook, Julia Middleton, Johnson Adjetey, Aline Cotel, Adam Simon, Paige Martin, Winn Johnson, Madeline Foster-Martinez, Andrew Lucas, Stephan Howden. Not pictured: Angela Lamptey, Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo.


Captain Johnson Adjetey, Regional Maritime University

Dr. Joseph K. Ansong, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Ghana.

Dr. Brian K. Arbic, Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan. Physical oceanography, ocean modeling.

Dr. Christian Buckingham, Post-Doctoral Scholar, British Antarctic Survey

Madelyn Cook, PhD Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan

Dr. Aline Cotel, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan

Dr. Madeline Foster-Martinez, Research Associate, University of New Orleans

Dr. Stephan D. Howden, Professor, Division of Marine Science in the School of Ocean Science and Technology, University of Southern Mississippi. Hydrographic science and observational physical oceanography.

Dr. Winn Johnson, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. Angela Lamptey, Lecturer, Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences, University of Ghana. Fisheries science and management.

Dr. Andrew J. Lucas, Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California San Diego. Observational physical oceanography, impact of ocean physics on primary productivity.

Dr. Paige E. Martin, Recent PhD graduate, Physics Department, University of Michigan. Ocean-atmosphere interaction, climate modeling, scientific Python.

Dr. Dimitris Menemenlis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Julia Middleton, PhD Student, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography. Chemical oceanography.

Dr. Ebenezer S. Nyadjro, Research Oceanographer, University of New Orleans and Naval Research Laboratory. Satellite oceanography.

Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo, Founder/Director of Plastic Punch

Dr. Emily L. Shroyer, Professor, Oregon State University. Observational physical oceanography, coastal oceanography.

Dr. Adam C. Simon, Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan. Economic geology, oil and gas basin development, ore deposits.

Jackie Wrage, PhD Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan

Day 1: Monday, August 5th


Opening Ceremony

Plastic Punch – Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo

Overview, logistics, meet & greet – Instructors (download instructor overview slides here)

Intro to Fluid Mechanics and the Gulf of GuineaAline Cotel and Ebenezer Nyadjro

Afternoon Labs/Lectures:

e-Waste and Biofuel Sustainability – Adam Simon

Plastic Transport – Aline Cotel and Madeline Foster-Martinez

Python lecture – Paige Martin

VC Reception


Day 2: Tuesday, August 6th


Fieldtrip to Tema Port!

Afternoon Labs:

Beach Processes and Cleanup – Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo, Andrew Lucas, Emily Shroyer, Stephan Howden, Aline Cotel

Python Lab – Paige Martin (zip file of Jupyter notebooks and python scripts and satellite data)


Day 3: Wednesday, August 7th

Morning Lectures:

Coastal and Estuarine Processes – Andrew Lucas

Special Topics in Satellite Oceanography – Ebenezer Nyadjro

Evaluating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO) – Dimitris Menemenlis

Oil and Gas Basin Development – Adam Simon

Afternoon Labs:

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics – Aline Cotel, Emily Shroyer, Anrew Lucas

Satellite Oceanography – Ebenezer Nyadjro, Christian Buckingham

Oil and Gas Development (Slides and Lab Materials) – Adam Simon, Jackie Wrage

Day 4: Thursday, August 8th

Morning Lectures:

Biogeochemistry: Benguela Upwelling – Winn Johnson

Hydrography – Stephan Howden

Ocean Modeling – Joseph Ansong

Physical Oceanography: West African Monsoon – Emily Shroyer

Afternoon Labs:

Tides – Stephan Howden

Chemical Oceanography with ODV (Worksheet and ODV Download Instructions) – Winn Johnson

Ocean Modeling and ECCO – Joseph Ansong, Dimitris Menemenlis

Day 5: Friday, August 9th

Morning Lectures:

Fish Habitats, Swimming, and Turbulence – Aline Cotel

Fisheries and Aquaculture – Angela Lamptey

Wonders of Wetlands – Madeline Foster-Martinez

Trace Metal Cycling – Julia Middleton


Mini-Conference: 5-Minute Research Talks – Various instructors and participants

Office Hours/Networking

Day 6: Saturday, August 10th


Project Presentations – Project Track Participants

Discussion on graduate school opportunities, scholarships, & application strategies – Ebenezer Nyadjro

Open discussion about how to improve future sessions of the school – Joseph Ansong


Closing ceremony with presentation of certificates – Link to certificate photos