2018 School at U. Ghana

Thank you for your interest in the Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Ghana (coessing).  The 2018 summer school will be held from 30 July to 4 August at the University of Ghana.  Applications can be found here.  This link will bring you to the coessing page of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy, which is providing much of the funding for this years’ school.  On the left-hand side, under “Overview”, you will find a link “Apply here.”  You will then be led through the application process, which involves registering and answering a list of questions.

A flyer for the 2018 summer school can be found here.  The flyer includes a list of summer school instructors, a list of topics to be covered, and another description of the application procedure, with links.

We will let you know in late June or early July whether your application has been accepted.

Thanks again for your interest in our summer school!