2018 School at U. Ghana

The 2018 School took place from July 30 – August 4 at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana.  The size and scope of the 2018 school was comparable to the 2016 and 2017 schools.  The school was lengthened to six days, and included a larger contingent of participants from African countries outside of Ghana (Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, and Benin).  In the 2018 school, we introduced a “project track” for participants who wanted to focus on a project.  The participant projects were presented on the last day of the school.  The International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy provided expertise and significant funding for the 2018 school.  Three US graduate students and one US undergraduate participated in the school.  One of the US students, Jennifer Moskel, is writing an MS thesis on capacity building using the school as an example.  A flyer on the 2018 summer school can be found here.


Downloadable schedule: pdf



Top row (left to right): Christian Buckingham, Jennifer Moskel, Riccardo Farneti, Dimitris Menemenlis, Edem Mahu, Nikita La Cruz, Emily Shroyer, Ebenezer Nyadjro, Brian Arbic; Bottom row (left to right): Nefertiti Smith, Joseph Ansong, Paige Martin, Winn Johnson; Not pictured: Stephan Howden, Madeline Foster-Martinez, Angela Lamptey, Lailah Akita

Lailah Akita – University of Ghana

Dr. Joseph K. Ansong, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Ghana.

Dr. Brian K. Arbic, Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan. Physical oceanography, ocean modeling.

Dr. Christian Buckingham, Post-Doctoral Scholar, British Antarctic Survey

Dr. Riccardo FarnetiEarth System Physics Section, International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Dr. Madeline Foster-Martinez, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Louisiana State University.

Dr. Stephan D. Howden, Professor, Division of Marine Science in the School of Ocean Science and Technology, University of Southern Mississippi. Hydrographic science and observational physical oceanography.

Dr. Winn Johnson, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Naval Research Laboratory

Nikita La Cruz, PhD Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Michigan

Dr. Angela Lamptey, Lecturer, Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences, University of Ghana. Fisheries science and management.

Dr. Edem Mahu – Lecturer, Department of Marine and Fisheries Science, University of Ghana. Geochemistry and Sedimentology.

Paige Martin, PhD Student, Physics Department, University of Michigan

Dr. Dmitris Menemenlis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Jennifer Moskel, Masters Student, Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University

Dr. Ebenezer S. Nyadjro, Research Oceanographer, University of New Orleans and Naval Research Laboratory. Satellite oceanography.

Dr. Emily L. Shroyer, Professor, Oregon State University. Observational physical oceanography, coastal oceanography.

Nefertiti Smith, Undergraduate Student, Hampton University


Here are some python resources! (Find more resources and tutorials under the “Resources” tab above)

Steps for installing Python/Anaconda/other packages for Paige’s python tutorial on Friday! View PDF here

PDF of Paige’s brief python/jupyter notebook tutorial

Day 1: Monday, July 30th


Opening Ceremony

Preview of the week: description of overview vs. project-based tracks

Afternoon Lectures:

Ocean General Circulation – Emily Shroyer

Biogeochemistry I – Winn Johnson

Satellite Oceanography I – Ebenezer Nyadjro


Day 2: Tuesday, July 31st


Field trip to the Tema Port


Field trip to the beach/lagoon – Discussion questions


Day 3: Wednesday, August 1st

Morning Lectures:

Coastal Processes – Stephan Howden

Biogeochemistry II – Winn Johnson

Tides – Brian Arbic

Afternoon Labs:

Physics of Fluids I – Emily Shroyer/Stephan Howden

Biogeochemistry I: Nutrient Analysis (Nitrate and Phosphorus)  – Winn Johnson

Satellite Oceanography Lab I (zipped file) – Ebenezer Nyadjro


Day 4: Thursday, August 2nd

Morning Lectures:

Environmental Pollution in the Densu Estuary – Lailah Gifty Akita

Research Talks – Nefertiti Smith, Emily Shroyer

Introduction to Ocean Modeling– Joseph Ansong

ECCO: Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean – Dimitris Menemenlis

[The web site of the ECCO project is: https://ecco.jpl.nasa.gov. The latest ECCO ocean state estimate is described here: https://ecco.jpl.nasa.gov/products/latest/ and is freely available here: ftp://ecco.jpl.nasa.gov/Version4/Release3/.]

Afternoon Labs:

Biogeochemistry II: ODV Nutrient Data Analysis (ODV Lab Handout and ODV User Guide) – Winn Johnson

Satellite Oceanography Lab II (attachments included above under Lab I) – Ebenezer Nyadjro

Physics of fluids II – Emily Shroyer/Stephan Howden


Day 5: Friday, August 3rd

Morning Lectures:

Coastal Ecosystems I & II – Madeline Foster-Martinez

Fisheries and aquaculture – Angela Lamptey

Mineral geochemistry for precious and base metal exploration – Nikita La Cruz

OSTRACODA as paleo-environment indicators – Lailah Gifty Akita

Afternoon Labs:

Data Analysis – Emily Shroyer/Stephan Howden/Madeline Foster-Martinez

Introduction to Python and Jupyter Notebook (installing instructions for Windows, jupyter notebook example as PDF, ) – Paige Martin

Day 6: Saturday, August 4th

Participant Project Presentations:

Gulf of Guinea MITgcm/ECCO configuration – Cyril Amengor, Patrick Dwomfuor, Emmanuel Brempong

Evaluation of the Reg CM-ES in the Northern Gulf of Guinea Coastal Upwelling System – Elisee Toualy

Satellite Oceanography – Nubi O. A., Daniel O. Imo, Oyatola Opeyemi

Ocean Data View – Temitope, Fakoya

Tides – Jonathan Fafa, Alabi Benjamin O., Oladipo Mumin O.

Using Regional Ocean Modelling Systems to Model Inertial Oscillations – Kwame-Biney Michael, Richmond K Quarco, Dr. Koffi Kouakou, Saviour Udo-Akuaibit

Impact of Security Challenge on Artisinal Fisheries and Water Bodies in Borno-State, Nigeria – Idowu R. T., Ogundeji O. E., Atanda A. M., Olubanjo O. A., Abbator-Ahmed

Pollution in the Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria – Ngozi Oguguah, Temitope Sogbanmu, Olalekan Isioye, Olawale Awe

Visualizing Ocean Temperatures in the Gulf of Guinea using Python – Stanley Igbo, Rising John Osazuwa

Soil Moisture Analysis using SMOS Satellite Data – Babatunde Adebo, Abigail Kafui Adu, Abdullahi Fati

Closing Ceremony

Link to individual certificate presentation photos (available for download)