Course Resources

[Weather in a Tank] –

[Ocean Lab Demos] –

[Regional Oceanography] –

[MIT OpenCourse, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] –

  • [Brief, descriptive (no math) introduction to the oceanic general circulation, with accompanying animations]

Python and Jupyter Notebook Resources

Link to all Jupyter notebooks from COESSING 2022

Videos of recorded virtual Python tutorials (via youtube playlist) from COESSING 2022

Link to all Jupyter notebooks from COESSING 2021

[Paige’s guide to install Anaconda (which includes Python and Jupyter Notebook) on Windows] – Install python on Windows (PDF)

[Paige’s Jupyter Notebook tutorial: how to launch a Notebook and import/install Python libraries!] – JupyterNotebook tutorial by Paige! (PDF)

[Python/jupyter notebook tutorial from Paige’s python lab, 2018 School] – Python lab COESSING 2018 (PDF)

More Python/Jupyter exercises can be found on the 2019 School page (under Days 1 and 2)

Good websites with a lot of resources!

[GREAT Python learning resource] –

  • You can read tutorials, watch instructional videos, and take quizzes to assess your knowledge.

[Another good resource – you can do first chapter of all courses free. Has really nice cheat sheets!] –

[Nice interactive introduction to python – you can run short python scripts in your browser as you go through the lesson!] –

Text tutorials: Intro to JupyterNotebook and Python

[JupyterNotebook for Beginners: A Tutorial] –

[JupyterNotebook: An Introduction] –

[First Steps With Python] –

Videos: How to open/use JupyterNotebook (and Python)

[Video: Jupyter Notebook Tutorial: Introduction, Setup, and Walkthrough] –

[Video: Python Jupyter Notebook | Simplilearn] –

[Video: Getting Started With Jupyter Notebook for Python] –

[Video: Python plotting in JupyterNotebook] –

Online courses: you can take Python courses (or any other course they offer!) for free (but you must pay to get verified certificate of completion and to have your exercises graded)

[Coursera] –

[EdX] –

Data Resources

[National Data Buoy Center] –

[Bathymetry Data] –

[Sea Surface Temperature/Chlorophyll] –

[Argo Program] –

[TAO Array, Pacific Ocean] –

[PIRATA Array, Atlantic Ocean] –

[RAMA Array, Indian Ocean] –

[Tides and Currents] –

[Oregon Surface Currents] –

[Ice-Tethered Profilers] –

[Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT)] – and

[NOAA Coast Watch] –

[Scatterometer Winds] –

[U.S. GLOBal Ocean Ecosystem, GLOBEC]

[Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS)] –

[Geotraces (have to make an account and log in to access the data)] –

Model Products

[Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment] –


[NWS – Environmental Modeling Center ]

The web site of the ECCO project is: The latest ECCO ocean state estimate is described here: and is freely available here:

Ocean Data Atlases

[JAVA Ocean Atlas] –

[IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library] –

[World Ocean Atlas] –

[Wind Climatology]

[WOCE Data] –

[Ocean Data Viewer] –

Ocean Observatories

[NERACOOS, Northeastern] –

[OrCOOS, Oregon] –

[GoMOOS, Gulf of Maine] –

[Ocean Observatories Initiative]

[CMOP, Coastal Margin] –

[Martha’s Vineyard Observatory] –

Other Resources

[IPCC Report] –

[NASA Educational Site]

[NOAA Educational Site]

[WHOI Oceanus Magazine] –

[TAMU Educational Site] –

[Thermodynamic Equation of Seawater] –

[Matlab Tools] –

[Standard Atmosphere Calculator] –

[US Naval Observatory] –