Course Resources

[Weather in a Tank] –

[Ocean Lab Demos] –

[Regional Oceanography] –

[MIT OpenCourse, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] –

  • [Brief, descriptive (no math) introduction to the oceanic general circulation, with accompanying animations]

Python and Jupyter Notebook Resources

[Paige’s guide to install Anaconda (which includes Python and Jupyter Notebook) on Windows] – Install python on Windows (PDF)

[Paige’s Jupyter Notebook tutorial: how to launch a Notebook and import/install Python libraries!] – JupyterNotebook tutorial by Paige! (PDF)

[Python/jupyter notebook tutorial from Paige’s python lab, 2018 School] – Python lab COESSING 2018 (PDF)

More Python/Jupyter exercises can be found on the 2019 School page (under Days 1 and 2)

Good websites with a lot of resources!

[GREAT Python learning resource] –

  • You can read tutorials, watch instructional videos, and take quizzes to assess your knowledge.

[Another good resource – you can do first chapter of all courses free. Has really nice cheat sheets!] –

[Nice interactive introduction to python – you can run short python scripts in your browser as you go through the lesson!] –

Text tutorials: Intro to JupyterNotebook and Python

[JupyterNotebook for Beginners: A Tutorial] –

[JupyterNotebook: An Introduction] –

[First Steps With Python] –

Videos: How to open/use JupyterNotebook (and Python)

[Video: Jupyter Notebook Tutorial: Introduction, Setup, and Walkthrough] –

[Video: Python Jupyter Notebook | Simplilearn] –

[Video: Getting Started With Jupyter Notebook for Python] –

[Video: Python plotting in JupyterNotebook] –

Online courses: you can take Python courses (or any other course they offer!) for free (but you must pay to get verified certificate of completion and to have your exercises graded)

[Coursera] –

[EdX] –

Data Resources

[National Data Buoy Center] –

[Bathymetry Data] –

[Sea Surface Temperature/Chlorophyll] –

[Argo Program] –

[TAO Array, Pacific Ocean] –

[PIRATA Array, Atlantic Ocean] –

[RAMA Array, Indian Ocean] –

[Tides and Currents] –

[Oregon Surface Currents] –

[Ice-Tethered Profilers] –

[Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT)] – and

[NOAA Coast Watch] –

[Scatterometer Winds] –

[U.S. GLOBal Ocean Ecosystem, GLOBEC]

[Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS)] –

[Geotraces (have to make an account and log in to access the data)] –

Model Products

[Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment] –


[NWS – Environmental Modeling Center ]

The web site of the ECCO project is: The latest ECCO ocean state estimate is described here: and is freely available here:

Ocean Data Atlases

[JAVA Ocean Atlas] –

[IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library] –

[World Ocean Atlas] –

[Wind Climatology]

[WOCE Data] –

[Ocean Data Viewer] –

Ocean Observatories

[NERACOOS, Northeastern] –

[OrCOOS, Oregon] –

[GoMOOS, Gulf of Maine] –

[Ocean Observatories Initiative]

[CMOP, Coastal Margin] –

[Martha’s Vineyard Observatory] –

Other Resources

[IPCC Report] –

[NASA Educational Site]

[NOAA Educational Site]

[WHOI Oceanus Magazine] –

[TAMU Educational Site] –

[Thermodynamic Equation of Seawater] –

[Matlab Tools] –

[Standard Atmosphere Calculator] –

[US Naval Observatory] –