2020 School + 2021 Mini-School (virtual)

We are holding a virtual mini-school Jan. 4 – 9, 2021. Much of the content and platforms are the same as used in the 2020 virtual school that was held in August 2020. The current draft of the schedule can be found at the following link:

Mini-school schedule (PDF, version 3)

Link to materials and videos for 2021 Mini-School

The 2020 school was held August 3 – 8 and was entirely virtual due to Covid-19. Thank you to all who joined!

COESSING 2020 Schedule and Content (PDF, version 4)


Click on the images below for content pertaining to each topic!







COESSING 2020 Welcome Video! The instructors prepared a few welcoming words for you! (Video editing: Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo)