2021 School

Welcome to COESSING 2021! The school was held virtually from July 26 ā€“ August 6.

The schedule and all other information can be found in the document below. (Note that many links have been removed in the version posted here – all links are included in the version sent via email and posted on Slack.)

Check out the COESSING youtube channel to view pre-recorded lectures, recordings of tutorials, and content from previous years.

All Python content can be found in this GitHub repository.

Asynchronous content:

Satellite Oceanography: pre-recorded lecture slides from Dr. Eben Nyadjro

ECCO – Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean: pre-recorded lecture slides from Dr. Dimitris Menemenlis/Dr. Ian Fenty

MBON Ocean satellite session prep-work from Dr. Enrique Montes Herrara and Dr. Frank Muller-Karger

PAST software from Dr. Lailah Gifty Akita

Natural resources questions that accompany the 5-part asynchronous lectures from Dr. Adam Simon

Coastal wetlands and nearshore waves lab document (this accompanies the python lab found on JupyterHub) from Dr. Maddie Foster-Martinez

Physics of estuaries and river plumes: lecture slides from Dr. Jim Lerczak

Hydrography: slides from the pre-recorded lecture by Dr. Stephan Howden