2022 School (in Nigeria)

We are very excited to be hosting COESSING in Lagos, Nigeria from August 1-5, 2022!

Links to content for this year’s school:

Sound in the Sea: what we can learn if we listen (Lora Van Uffelen and Kathy Vigness-Raposa)

Introduction to NASA Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PODAAC) (Jinbo Wang)

Ocean Modeling for the 21st Century (Raffaele Ferrari)

Virtual Lecture: A Primer on the Concepts and Uses of Stable Isotope Geochemistry (John Eiler)

Virtual Lecture: Intro to Hydrography (Stephan Howden)

Slides: Ocean data inclusivity for Africa (Isa Elegbede)

Slides: Public awareness and empowerment in marine biodiversity protection (Aileen Tan)

Slides: Choice of sample container for marine sample collection (Nubi Olubunmi Ayoola)

Slides: Marine debris pollution: Citizen scientists take charge! (Annette Jaya Ram)

Hosting institutions:

University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Nigerian Institute For Oceanography And Marine Research (NIOMR)

Nigerian co-organizers:

Ngozi Oguguah (oguguahnm AT niomr.gov.ng), NIOMR

Nubi Olubunmi (nubiao AT niomr.gov.ng), NIOMR

Temitope Sogbanmu (tsogbanmu AT unilag.edu.ng), UNILAG

Olawale Awe (olawaleawe AT gmail.com), University of Campinas Brazil

Rachel Toyosi Idowu (racheltoyosi.idowu AT uniabuja.edu.ng), University of Abuja

Isa Elegbede (isaelegbede AT gmail.com), Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany

Lawal-Are Aderonke (alawalare AT unilag.edu.ng), UNILAG

Mosunmola Akinwunmi (fakinwunmi AT unilag.edu.ng), UNILAG

Wakil Saba (sabaola AT gmail.com), Lagos State University-LASU

Wahab Elegbeleye (oelegbeleye AT unilag.edu.ng), UNILAG